About Us!

Gallery1The Community Services Posse, more commonly known as “COMSERV”, is a group of highly trained volunteers who donate their time and equipment, giving back to the citizens of Maricopa County by assisting the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies as well as various other law enforcement organizations in Arizona.

Volunteers undergo extensive training and perform services ranging from traffic control, child fingerprinting, and graffiti prevention all the way to search and rescue, serving warrants, and transporting prisoners. Chances are if you’ve ever dealt with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, you’ve met a posse volunteer!

Comserv receives no funding from the Sheriff’s Office, and is run entirely on the generous donations of citizens and our own fundraising.  The men and women of Comserv provide the county with thousands of hours of service free each and every year for 20 years!

To learn more about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse Program watch the video below.