If you are ready, we will provide you with the essentials needed to begin working with members of the Sheriff's Office.  The training our members receive from recognized subject matter experts is considered some of the finest in the nation!  Members are encouraged to find their level of comfort but we encourage everyone to take full advantage of each FREE training opportunity.  All posse members must at least achieve Basic Posseman status.

While many of our members go through the entire program to become weapon certified, many choose to help on the administrative side and stay "out of the field".  Clearly, the more you learn, the more opportunities there are!

Basic Training

-Organization Fundamentals and Mission



-Law and Legal

Intermediate Training

-Prisoner Search and Transport


-Radio Fundamentals

-Report Writing

Advanced Training

-Use of Force

-Defensive Tactics

-Mechanical Restraints


Qualified Armed Training

-Weapon Retention

-Firearms Training

-Scenario Training

Additional Traing

-Building Clearing

-Taser Basics



-Rifle Skills

-Patrol Assistance